At VMS Solutions we will offer the support that not only offers great health benefits but also tastes great.

Pressing Tablets
Quality Control
Filling Sachets

Modern Facilities

Our modern manufacturing facilities have the capacity to produce a wide variety of products including tablets, capsules, powders, liquids, suspensions, stick packs, sachets, blister packs and several other finished goods solutions.

Capsule manufacturing options

We provide options in size, colours, vegetarian/ vegan and natural options for capsule formulations. If there are capsule manufacturing options that you would like to see on this list, please give us a call or make a request and we will gladly verify whether we can create a capsule to your specification.

Capsules made correctly

Our capsule manufacturing service enables you to choose the appearance and size and materials within your product. With extensive experience in capsule manufacturing, we understand the importance of selling unique product to fit your needs. That is why our experienced team are trained to guide you towards the correct encapsulation for your formula.

Capsule capabilities

We provide exceptional capsule quality through the use of high-speed, automatic and semi-automatic filling machines, which work efficiently in environmentally controlled facilities, meaning capsule issues such as moisture, dust and stickiness are avoided. This enables us to keep pricing affordable because your job is completed correctly the first time around.


We manufacture tablets using high quality press and coating machines, with tooling options that produce a range of custom tablets of shapes, colours and sizes. We are capable of producing all types of tablets including coated, chewable, time-release, sublingual and effervescent tablets to meet your desired specifications. Within each tablet category, we can provide various custom options. Tablets can be coated in a colour of your choice and you can select special punch equipment to create the shape of your choice. We enforce strict quality control procedures to ensure that no tablet exhibits capping or lamination characteristics.


A superior powder formulation should be both nutritionally efficacious and be delicious. Whatever the powder formulation that you decide to produce, whether it be for exercise performance, meal replacements, weight-loss, or health applications, at VMS Solutions we will offer the support that not only offers great health benefits but also taste great. Our product development and R&D teams have a broad understanding how the active ingredients can affect the taste and appearance of your formulas and offer advice as how to flavour them, and encourage the use of a broad variety colours and flavours.

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